Money…and A Room of One’s Own, my latest craft discussion with John King over at The Drunken Odyssey

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What kind of writer would you be if you had an income of $75,000 a year — the equivalent in today’s dollars of Woolf’s infamous “500 pounds”? How is Woolf’s collection of essays more relevant than ever to literary writers — male and female — today? Tune in to the latest episode for our lively, impassioned discussion: A Discussion of A Room of One’s Own with John King and Vanessa Blakeslee.


At Bustle Books: the Most Difficult Essay I’ve Ever Had to Write

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When I wrote this two months ago, I thought long and hard about publishing it. And yet I knew I had to, after having exchanged countless conversations with well-educated women in the arts, academia, publishing and editing, the countless stories I heard from highly accomplished women I’ve long known whom I never would have guessed had experienced misogynistic tear-downs and mental manipulation, and in some instances, physical violence and rape. Many thanks to Bustle for featuring my essay today in their Books section. I can only hope that it reveals to to others who find themselves in these situations that they aren’t alone. May we all gain the courage to stand up and speak out.

“Pura Vida, or Reflections on the Good Life” Essay at The Gloria Sirens

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A couple of weeks ago I attended the Other Words Conference in St. Augustine, FL, and had a raucous good time with the lively and insightful women writers who are the Gloria Sirens. They invited me to submit a “Sister Siren” guest post, and I was all too happy to contribute (I love the photos they chose to accompany the piece — just perfect). You can read it here: