I’m most grateful to Bill Wolfe, curator of the Read Her Like an Open Book blog, for featuring this essay of mine today — one that’s been long in the works both in incubation and synthesis. Sometimes the simplest subjects are most resistant to jotting down, for I began this piece in good faith last year. In a stellar illumination of the very precepts discussed, it took Bill’s reaching out to me last week to invite (i.e. “prod”) me to put the finishing touches on the draft and give it a home. Pay no attention to my penchant for distraction, however, in no way a reflection of my attitude toward the topic; I’ve only become more steadfast and motivated to up my “citizenship” since I first began collecting my thoughts, and especially since diving back into the discussion.

Bill’s work at Read Her Like an Open Book is itself a shining example of how to give back. I encourage readers to spend some time there.