Across the Border: Interview with Canadian blogger Rob Mclennan

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Canadian writer and blogger Rob Mclennan’s site is quite the crossroads of the Canadian lit world and he’s featured more than a few of my friends from the Banff Writing Studio. Visiting his site just makes me miss Banff and my dear Canadian lit friends so very much (Toronto! Vancouver! Maybe even St. John’s — I’ll come visit you soon, I promise). Meanwhile, I’m so happy to see my conversation with Rob is now live. One note: this interview was conducted just before my novel got picked up, as you’ll note the mention at the end that my agent was still shopping around the ms. Quite fun to look back and see how much has changed in a few months. The novel, Juventud, will be released by Midwest powerhouse indie publisher Curbside Splendor, which means indeed, I may be visiting Toronto soon indeed. 🙂



At Bustle Books: the Most Difficult Essay I’ve Ever Had to Write

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When I wrote this two months ago, I thought long and hard about publishing it. And yet I knew I had to, after having exchanged countless conversations with well-educated women in the arts, academia, publishing and editing, the countless stories I heard from highly accomplished women I’ve long known whom I never would have guessed had experienced misogynistic tear-downs and mental manipulation, and in some instances, physical violence and rape. Many thanks to Bustle for featuring my essay today in their Books section. I can only hope that it reveals to to others who find themselves in these situations that they aren’t alone. May we all gain the courage to stand up and speak out.