Two days ago I arrived at the Banff Centre for what I hope will be a productive and inspiring five-week residency (hard to imagine how one could fail to be inspired, surrounded by such majestic mountains and snow falling outside the window). During my stay I’ll be finishing edits on my short story collection, Train Shots, forthcoming from Burrow Press in 2014. But the project I’m really hoping to return to is a half-completed manuscript of a linked historical collection, loosely based on family stories passed down from my Italian-American lineage. For the past two years, I’ve had put the manuscript on the back burner in order to finish my novel, and so it’s with some trepidation that I return to this project, shake off the dust, and dive into those characters and conflicts again. And rather fitting that the Superstition Review invited me to write a guest blog post recently– I chose to compose my “Ten Rules for Writing Fiction,” with the hopes that these will prove helpful to my fellow writers, as well as for myself, as I get ready to plunge the depths once again.