Green Mountains Review recently published my “Why Write?” essay, part of their ongoing blog series from contributors. They had some very nice things to say about my work; I wasn’t prepared for how incredibly humbling it is to have one’s fiction compared to Saul Bellow’s, or Ron Carlson’s. Follow the link below to read the essay.

“Fiction writer Vanessa Blakeslee‘s “Hospice of the Au Pair,” from our Fall 2010 issue, introduces a powerful new voice in fiction. Here is the rare early writer who knows how to build compelling narrative, whose stories hit the ground running — driven forth always by characters in motion rather than the sort of conspicuous craft and propping-up that stilts so much current fiction. The language bristles with comic wit and energy yet never feels precious or, god help us, writerly; it is powered instead by story itself, hence the authority we feel in the language. This is the generous, intelligent style of Saul Bellow, Paula Fox, Ron Carlson. How remarkable, then, to find this in a writer so early in her career, and how lucky.” ~ Editors, Green Mountains Review